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Word Example of - chin

Example Sentences for chin

Doctor Benton rubbed his chin and there was serious anxiety in the movement.

The colonel scratched his chin and looked up to the ceiling.

Persis sat cross-legged, a smoking Sultana, her chin on the back of one hand, one elbow on one knee.

What was his chin for, if he could not give her a firm support in a thing like this?

He felt very tightly packed in, his chin resting on his knees, and his back almost bent double.

His pulses were hammering, and his chin was set at the angle of solid determination.

She was perilously near to tears and her chin would quiver in spite of all that she could do.

The old man's chin dropped, and he looked sad and sorrowful.

He did not extend his hand, but stood still, in his seedy clothes and his coat buttoned to his chin, to hide his lack of a shirt.

Bosambo, chin on clenched fist, looked thoughtfully at the other.

Word Origin & History of - chin

    Word Origin & History

    chin O.E. cin, a general Gmc. word, from PIE base *genw- "chin, jawbone."

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