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Word Example of - clove

Example Sentences for clove

It was almost half a century ago that that bold-eyed handsome stranger had compared the color in her cheeks to a clove pink.

Their tongues became parched, and clove to the roofs of their mouths.

We are informed that in 1524 the Portuguese took possession of these islands and controlled the clove market.

Slowly and silently we clove a way through the star-sown shadows.

Three heaping tablespoonfuls of ground cinnamon, one heaping one each of clove and mace, and one even one of allspice.

Pass through a sieve, add a clove of garlic with a cut in it, and boil.

She was considerably older than I, and besides, she always kept a clove or something in her mouth.

A clove of garlic with one cut may be added for five minutes.

Into the upper skirts of the crowd porters, infuriated by hurry and overwork, clove their way with shouts.

They was in a clove hitch again and whisperin' soft and slushy.

Word Origin & History of - clove

    Word Origin & History

    clove "spice," early 13c., from O.Fr. clou (de girofle) "nail (of clove)," so called from its shape, from L. clavus "a nail" (see slot (2)).

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