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Similar Words: coattesting, coattested, coattestator, coattestation, coattest, coattends, coattending, coattended, coattend

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Word Example of - coat

Example Sentences for coat

"I'll stop it," he said to himself, and half-consciously he buttoned his coat.

The colonel passed into his bedroom and took off his coat and vest.

There was nothing but tobacco and pipe in the outside pockets of his coat.

As the age of the animal increases, the coat becomes of a darker tinge.

Judge Emery rose and buttoned his coat about his spare figure.

He seized his hat and coat and grasped the door, fumbling at the knob in rage.

He took off his coat, and slunk to his armchair, where he began to take off his boots.

If I ever get rich I'll have a piece of it for the collar of my coat.

Braden's coat was hanging from the back of his chair, but he was not in the office.

Meantime he changed his coat, and carried up wine and cake to his guest.

Word Origin & History of - coat

    Word Origin & History of coat

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The Definition of - coat (verb)

    an outer garment with sleeves, covering at least the upper part of the body:
    a new fur coat; a coat for formal wear.
    a natural integument or covering, as the hair, fur, or wool of an animal, the bark of a tree, or the skin of a fruit.
    a layer of anything that covers a surface:
    That wall needs another coat of paint.
    a mucous layer covering or lining an organ or connected parts, as on the tongue.
    Archaic. a petticoat or skirt.
    1. a garment indicating profession, class, etc.
    2. the profession, class, etc., so indicated.
    verb (used with object)
    to cover with a layer or coating:
    He coated the wall with paint. The furniture was coated with dust.
    to cover thickly, especially with a viscous fluid or substance:
    Heat the mixture until it coats a spoon. The boy was coated with mud from head to foot.
    to cover or provide with a coat.