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Word Example of - coating

Example Sentences for coating

"I expect the coating of dirt is so thick that they do not feel it," Jim Tucker said.

"Tin" dishes, so called, are only iron with a coating of tin.

Put a coating of glue on one edge throughout its whole length, and rub the next leg up close into position.

The snow was hardly more than a coating, but wet and slippery.

This coating is white in the centre, and grey towards the edges, and is found some distance from the assay.

The reddish-brown color is due to the coating of fibrils that covers the cap.

This effect is partly due to the custom of frequently renewing the coating of mud plaster.

The necessity for this coating of sulphur or paraffin you will understand by an experiment.

This coating should be as thin and as uniform as possible on the surface of the glass.

She came down to them and found that the fur was a coating of mussels.

Word Origin & History of - coating

    Word Origin & History of coating

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The Definition of - coating (noun)

    a layer of any substance spread over a surface.
    fabric for making coats.