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Similar Words: cobblership, cobblers, cobblerless, cobblerism, cobbleries, cobblerfish, cobbler's pegs

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Word Example of - cobbler

Example Sentences for cobbler

Ill go all the same, said the cobbler, and without saying a word more he goes out and begins to make ready for his journey.

If he had only been a cobbler's son, a tailor's, a barber's!

Another of the whims of “Cobbler” Horn was his fondness for doing what his sister called “common” work.

The cobbler knew nothing of the mine, but he held the scrip.

Then he filled the glass again and carried it carefully across the street to his friend the cobbler.

The cobbler and the dog being both my particular friends I complied.

Hitherto she has put on no airs with me, for I know the family traditions, and that her excellent father began life as a cobbler.

A philosopher can be anything he pleases, a cobbler, a king, or a physician.

Whin I woke up, me legs was as weak as a day-old baby's, an' me poor head impty as a cobbler's purse.

His father was a cobbler in a little West Virginia coal town.

Word Origin & History of - cobbler

    Word Origin & History

    cobbler 1287, cobelere "one who mends shoes," of uncertain origin. "The cobbler should stick to his last" (ne sutor ultra crepidam) is from the anecdote of Gk. painter Apelles. [The quote is variously reported: Pliny ("Natural History" XXXV.x.36) has ne supra crepidam judicaret, while Valerius Maximus (VIII.xiii.3) gives supra plantam ascendere vetuit.] The meaning "pie" is Amer.Eng. 1859, perhaps related to 14c. cobeler "wooden bowl."

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The Synonym of - cobbler (noun)

The Definition of - cobbler (noun)

    a person who mends shoes.
    a deep-dish fruit pie with a rich biscuit crust, usually only on top.
    an iced drink made of wine or liquor, fruits, sugar, etc.
    a fabric rejected because of defective dyeing or finishing.
    a mummichog.
    Archaic. a clumsy workman.