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Word Example of - cockroaches

Example Sentences for cockroaches

Moreover, they were overrun with cockroaches, rats and other vermin.

Cockroaches are very troublesome in libraries, eating the bindings.

Cockroaches swarm everywhere; but the fire-ant is, for its size, probably the most terrible of created beings.

The cockroaches of Yucatan are truly tropical, and grow to a great length.

The cockroaches swarmed all over the floor, and the rats were so bad they fairly ran over our feet.

In November, even these insects were difficult to obtain, and recourse was had to cockroaches.

Chitwood found 75 percent of the German cockroaches examined from houses in Washington infected.

This then is a rough measure of how little is known about cockroaches.

Among them I noticed a night species, that lives in the houses, and that is the great enemy of cockroaches.

These nematodes are found in the intestinal tract of cockroaches.

Word Origin & History of - cockroaches

    Word Origin & History

    cockroach 1624, folk etymology of Sp. cucaracha "chafer, beetle," from cuca "kind of caterpillar." Folk etymology is from caca "excrement.""A certaine India Bug, called by the Spaniards a Cacarootch, the which creeping into Chests they eat and defile with their ill-sented dung" [Capt. John Smith, "Virginia," 1624].

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