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What is the meaning of compression in English? What compression means? How do you use the word compression? What is another word for compression? What is the opposite of compression?

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Word Example of - compression

Example Sentences for compression

Half of the rest period had passed when the chamber was finished and they were ready to cut an opening in the compression unit.

The ultimate strength of concrete in compression was taken as 2,000 lbs.

The tail is drawn out to a long conical point, without the slightest appearance of compression or of bordering fins.

Compression means that nothing must be included that can be left out.

Our philosophers tell us there are two kinds of elasticity—elasticity by compression and elasticity by expansion.

That,” said Fred Sanders, with a compression of the lips, “has settled it forever.

So far as I know, the Otto engine and my own are the only compression engines which have as yet made any success in the market.

The progress must be slower, if anything, and with the compression working as a brake.

Any unevenness in the acceleration and compression of the air produces drift.

That can be due only to the strain of crushing produced by the stress of compression.

Word Origin & History of - compression

    Word Origin & History

    compression c.1400, from Fr. compression (14c.), from L. compressionem, noun of action from compress-, pp. stem of comprimere (see compress). Related: Compressional wave (1887).

The Synonym of - compression (noun)

The Definition of - compression (noun)

    the act of compressing.
    the state of being compressed.
    the effect, result, or consequence of being compressed.
    (in internal-combustion engines) the reduction in volume and increase of pressure of the air or combustible mixture in the cylinder prior to ignition, produced by the motion of the piston toward the cylinder head after intake.
    Also called data compression. Computers. reduction of the storage space required for data by changing its format.