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Word Example of - conch

Example Sentences for conch

By the time this task was finished, the cook sounded many times a conch, and the sleeping camp awoke.

No,” said Thérèse, from the conch, “I will go nowhere with you.

It has been ground down and repolished, apparently, from the conch.

Paul started to his feet from the conch on which he had thrown himself.

Early next morning we were awakened by the conch shells, signalling for the people to gather at the beach.

At Conch, by this time, the mail-boat would be due on the southward trip.

I've got your conch, but I can't use it; you haven't got it, so it's clear you can't use it either.

It is that of a purple murex; and yonder larger one on the desk is a conch.

Locking the door, he took the conch shell from his sea chest and held it to his ear.

Conch is not, as many suppose, a term of contempt, but a local distinction.

Word Origin & History of - conch

    Word Origin & History

    conch 1410, from L. concha "shellfish, mollusk," from Gk. konkhe "mussel, shell," from PIE base *konkho-. The name for natives of Florida Keys since at least 1833.

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