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Word Example of - consonance

Example Sentences for consonance

That I would never say or do anything not in consonance with her standards I knew.

But this does not seem in consonance with the Aristotelian use of these terms.

In his later expressions this consonance and conciliatory animus show up more strongly rather than otherwise.

These could appreciate; and counselled me in consonance with my half-formed resolution.

Ordinarily there was a certain reserve in Miriam's demonstrations of affection, in consonance with the delicacy of her friend.

The latter supposition is more in consonance with the word appointed.

In the tumult of the water there is consonance with that agitating her own bosom.

The old palace is oriental and charming, and in consonance with the country.

The change of rulers was, on the whole, in consonance with the wishes and feelings of the Phoenicians.

With the Pipins of "Nivella," we come upon a word in consonance with "Nibelung."

Word Origin & History of - consonance

    Word Origin & History

    consonance 1580s, from Fr. consonance (14c.), from L. consonantia "harmony, agreement," from consonare "to sound together" (see consonant). Used earlier in a fig. sense of "agreement among persons" (c.1430).

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The Definition of - consonance (noun)

    accord or agreement.
    correspondence of sounds; harmony of sounds.
    Music. a simultaneous combination of tones conventionally accepted as being in a state of repose.
    Compare dissonance (def 2).
    1. the correspondence of consonants, especially those at the end of a word, in a passage of prose or verse.
      Compare alliteration (def 1).
    2. the use of the repetition of consonants or consonant patterns as a rhyming device.
    Physics. the property of two sounds the frequencies of which have a ratio equal to a small whole number.