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Word Example of - crane

Example Sentences for crane

The former is stationed near the engine, the latter on a small platform attached to the crane.

Peacocks, &c.: carve like you do the Crane, keeping their feet on.

It is in place for me to say here, that Lieutenant-Colonel Crane took part in every battle in which his regiment shared.

These trees were old acquaintances of Crane's, having, like him, been transplanted from Milton.

When Mrs. Crane realized that there could be no school on Monday, she too was pleased.

And this dance, as Dicaearchus writes, is called among the Delians, the Crane.

The next afternoon Faust reported at Crane's rooms with the rescued note in his possession.

Some twenty men stood round the crane, and with one "Heave oh!"

Mrs. Crane remained in camp with Bettie, who was not yet permitted to take long walks.

The story is popular in Italy where Crane, 344, refers to six other versions.

Word Origin & History of - crane

    Word Origin & History

    crane O.E. cran "large wading bird," from PIE *ger- (cf. Gk. geranos, Welsh garan, Lith. garnys "heron, stork"), perhaps echoic of its cry. Metaphoric use for "machine with a long arm" is first attested 1299. Verb meaning "to stretch (the neck)" is from 1799.

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