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Word Example of - cratering

Word Example of cratering

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Word Origin & History of - cratering

    Word Origin & History of cratering

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The Synonym of - cratering ()

The Definition of - cratering ()

    the cup-shaped depression or cavity on the surface of the earth or other heavenly body marking the orifice of a volcano.
    Also called impact crater, meteorite crater. (on the surface of the earth, moon, etc.) a bowl-shaped depression with a raised rim, formed by the impact of a meteoroid.
    Compare astrobleme.
    Astronomy. (on the surface of the moon) a circular or almost circular area having a depressed floor, almost always containing a central mountain and usually completely enclosed by walls that are often higher than those of a walled plain; ring formation; ring.
    Compare walled plain.
    the bowllike orifice of a geyser.
    the hole or pit in the ground where a bomb, shell, or military mine has exploded.
    Electricity. the cavity formed in a positive carbon electrode by an electric arc.
    Greek and Roman Antiquity. krater.
    Metalworking. a depression at the end of a bead produced by welding.
    genitive Crateris
    [krey-teer-is] /kreɪˈtɪər ɪs/ (Show IPA).
    (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the Cup, a small southern constellation west of Corvus and north of Hydra.
    verb (used with object)
    to make craters in:
    Bombs had cratered the landscape.
    1. to cancel, abandon, or cast aside:
      to crater the new project.
    2. to destroy or ruin:
      One more disappointment won't crater me.
    verb (used without object)
    to form a crater or craters:
    The surface of the concrete cratered and cracked under the repeated impacts.