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Word Example of - crow

Example Sentences for crow

However, non constat Patrici; I'll pluck the crow wid you on my return.

"Until the cocks in Svartheim crow," said the Dwarfs, closing round her.

Many of the buildings of ancient Crow Wing were moved to Brainerd.

"You cannot go away from us now until the cocks of Svartheim crow," they said.

"Cock-a-doodle-doo," he shouted, imitating the crow of a rooster.

That crow was the hag Thaukt transformed, and the hag Thaukt was Loki.

A crow is cawing in a tree, and looks with beady eyes below.

Even the crow has made them so like himself that they are fit only for his company.

When they approached the land of men the Crow called to the animal to catch a whale, but it stirred not.

"They'd say anything," said Hoodie the Crow, keeping behind the Peacock's tail.

Word Origin & History of - crow

    Word Origin & History of - crow

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