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Word Example of - cuckoo

Example Sentences for cuckoo

I heard of a cuckoo that dispossessed a robin of its nest; of another that set a blue jay adrift.

It deposits its eggs, like the cuckoo, in the nests of other birds.

The cuckoo sang (she loves the near neighbourhood of man) and flew over the channel towards a little copse.

After the first of July I neither saw nor heard a cuckoo of either species!

First of all, in August, went the cuckoo, seeking a winter resort in the north of Africa.

He has bronze, marble, cuckoo, corner or "grandfather" clocks—all in his house.

The cuckoo seems such an unpractical and inefficient bird that it is interesting to see it doing things.

The cuckoo, like the woodcock, is supposed to have its forerunner.

Moreover, the tail of the cuckoo sometimes hangs down vertically, thus intensifying the likeness to the hawk.

Spare was sorry to part with the cuckoo, little as he had of his company.

Word Origin & History of - cuckoo

    Word Origin & History of - cuckoo

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