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Word Example of - dahlia

Example Sentences for dahlia

Dahlia comes of another age; she comes from the country of fjords and legends.

Dahlia has conveniently placed a sofa outside the bathroom door.

I must tell you of an experience I had in transplanting a Dahlia, which was in bloom, the last day of July.

"We promised Dahlia to take him in directly he cried," I said.

Frosts that kill Dahlia tops, and many other plants, do not harm geraniums.

"The nail-man won't be long," said Archie to Dahlia, on his return.

It was quite plain, and, compared with her own, as a daisy is to a dahlia.

"I hope he is not hurt," said Dahlia, wiping the tears from her eyes.

The dahlia, we are told, first came from the valley of Mexico.

My-Boot's nose was in full bloom, a regular purple Burgundy dahlia.

Word Origin & History of - dahlia

    Word Origin & History

    dahlia 1804, named 1791 for Anders Dahl (1751-1789), Swedish botanist who discovered it in Mexico. No blue variety had ever been cultivated, hence "blue dahlia," fig. for "something impossible or unattainable" (1880).

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