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Word Example of - dahlia

Example Sentences for dahlia

Dahlia comes of another age; she comes from the country of fjords and legends.

Dahlia has conveniently placed a sofa outside the bathroom door.

I must tell you of an experience I had in transplanting a Dahlia, which was in bloom, the last day of July.

"We promised Dahlia to take him in directly he cried," I said.

Frosts that kill Dahlia tops, and many other plants, do not harm geraniums.

"The nail-man won't be long," said Archie to Dahlia, on his return.

It was quite plain, and, compared with her own, as a daisy is to a dahlia.

"I hope he is not hurt," said Dahlia, wiping the tears from her eyes.

The dahlia, we are told, first came from the valley of Mexico.

My-Boot's nose was in full bloom, a regular purple Burgundy dahlia.

Word Origin & History of - dahlia

    Word Origin & History

    dahlia 1804, named 1791 for Anders Dahl (1751-1789), Swedish botanist who discovered it in Mexico. No blue variety had ever been cultivated, hence "blue dahlia," fig. for "something impossible or unattainable" (1880).

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The Definition of - dahlia (noun)

    any composite plant of the genus Dahlia, native to Mexico and Central America and widely cultivated for its showy, variously colored flower heads.
    the flower or tuberous root of a dahlia.
    a pale violet or amethyst color.
    of the color dahlia.