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Word Example of - daisy

Example Sentences for daisy

"I've got all my birthday letters to answer," replied Daisy, as she tripped gaily away.

To me the daisy, the mountain stream, the woodchuck 82 and my Art!

Now, look here, Primrose and Daisy and I have been making up such a lovely plan.

But for Daisy there was neither school, nor play in the street, nor sitting in the sun.

Hence, one sees him wince and shrink, as his ploughshare destroys the daisy.

Now, Daisy, let me see your Sunday dress—open the bundle on the bed there.

Daisy did not know him, and in her delirium she said things to him and of him which hurt him cruelly.

Yet it was their common belief that the more he pined after Daisy the less she had to fear from him.

Daisy did not reply, and then suddenly her mouth began to tremble, and tears ready to fall gathered in her eyes.

Daisy turned the key on the locket and wondered what color the hair was.

Word Origin & History of - daisy

    Word Origin & History of - daisy

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