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Word Example of - dancer

Example Sentences for dancer

When they talked they discussed the Spanish dancer who paraded back and forth across the tea-lawn.

Changing his steps like a dancer, the scoutmaster fell back.

The dancer stopped, as if ashamed, and raised the terrible whip, well known to thieves and soldiers.

His child—his child by the dancer—this dimpled creature she has clasped and kissed!

The fact that the Spaniard had been a dancer gave an irrefutable reality to the tale; Michael so worshipped every form of dancing.

Louis was exceedingly fond of exhibiting his grace as a dancer.

It was short enough to display her ankles, slender for a dancer, and her arched feet in heelless black slippers.

No one can ever say of you that you held your sword like a dancer.

Only a dancer of Zamboula could have lived in that grisly square.

He recalled the dancer, leaping like a flame about the stage.

Word Origin & History of - dancer

    Word Origin & History of dancer

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The Definition of - dancer (noun)

    a person who dances.
    a person who dances professionally, as on the stage.