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Word Example of - daughter

Example Sentences for daughter

She begged of him to command his brother Pluto to return her daughter to her.

Margaret rose satisfied; she felt as if she had been accepted for a daughter.

Betsy, my daughter, as you know, is to be married to him next month.

"It's no use, Blanche," said the colonel to his daughter, who had been the last to speak.

Daughter of a king I am,” said Rosaleen, “but not of the king who rules these realms.

So above the water I rear'd my head, and look'd for Phœbus' daughter.

The worthy man was overjoyed to be able to increase his daughter's happiness.

How such a man came to have such a daughter as Sylvia, Paul could not guess.

Only when there was no son could the daughter inherit if at all.

However, she's got the cash now—or at least her daughter has, which is the same thing.

Word Origin & History of - daughter

    Word Origin & History

    daughter O.E. dohtor, from P.Gmc. *dochter, earlier *dhukter, from PIE *dhugheter (cf. Ger. tochter, Skt. duhitar-, Armenian dustr, O.C.S. dusti, Lith. dukte, Gk. thygater). The modern spelling evolved in southern England, 16c.

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