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Similar Words: debars,debarrings,debarring,debarred,debarration,debarrassing,debarrasses,debarrassed,debarrass,

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Word Example of - debar

Example Sentences for debar

Athletic regulations should not debar a student from playing summer baseball.

What has she done to debar her from fulfilling the mission which is appointed for every woman?

No wonder the officer took you for Debar; I was ready to swear that you were the identical man.

It was yet too dark for them to see distinctly, and DeBar struck a match.

Now, you saw Debar with his wife in Memphis, and mistook him for me.

Inhuman monster, said she; would he debar me of the only satisfaction I have?

In that momentary posture of DeBar he saw, not the effect of a wound only, but the grim, terrible rigidity of death.

By the by, Debar, what lady is this you have been raving about all the time?

His color did not debar him from taking an equal part with his white brethren in matters pertaining to their church.

I tell you my name is not Debar; and I swear I have not been married.

Word Origin & History of - debar

    Word Origin & History

    debar early 15c., "to shut out, exclude," from Fr. débarrer, from O.Fr. desbarer (12c., which, however, meant only "to unbar, unbolt," the sense turning around in Fr. as the de- was felt in a different sense), from des- (see dis-) + barrer "to bar" (see bar (1)). Related: Debarment (1650s); debarred (1630s).

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The Definition of - debar (noun)

    verb (used with object), debarred, debarring.
    to shut out or exclude from a place or condition:
    to debar all those who are not members.
    to hinder or prevent; prohibit:
    to debar an action.