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Similar Words: defectionists, defectionist

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Word Example of - defection

Example Sentences for defection

I consented to the defection with a good deed of pleasure, as I considered that, if the rebels fought, we should lose heavily.

Pecuniary embarrassment is supposed to have led to his defection from the cause of his country.

He thought not; indeed, she did not seem to retain any memory of his defection.

The defeats which had been sustained were bad enough; but the defection was worse.

His wife will now rage with jealousy over a defection she has done her best to cause.

Yet he found reasons to account for his parent's defection to the ranks of his enemies.

Cotgrave gives us: 'Faillance, f. a defection, failing, decaying.'

What would make their defection more certain was the irregularity of pay.

Miss Susie, it seemed, would for the dramatic effect have preferred that the defection had been universal.

James heard of his host's defection with impassivity and a glance of his eyeglass.

Word Origin & History of - defection

    Word Origin & History

    defection 1540s, "action of failing;" 1550s, "action of deserting a party, leader, etc." from L. defectionem "desertion, revolt, failure," noun of action from deficere (see deficient). Originally of faith.


The Definition of - defection (noun)

    desertion from allegiance, loyalty, duty, or the like; apostasy:
    His defection to East Germany was regarded as treasonable.
    failure; lack; loss:
    He was overcome by a sudden defection of courage.