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Word Example of - degeneracy

Example Sentences for degeneracy

Brown's Estimate, he said, was thoroughly right as to our degeneracy, though Brown had not perceived the deepest root of the evil.

They outraged them by the admixture of kindred blood, and degeneracy was often the result.

It occurs with great frequency in almost all forms of degeneracy.

It was too painful to witness the degeneracy of our early favorite.

If that is true, it is only a detail of the degeneracy of Italy from the middle of the sixteenth century.

Nearly every one seemed to be affected by the spirit of degeneracy.

Felix was glad he did not say he could not ride—a degeneracy in an Underwood that plainly had not occurred to the Squire.

The causes of degeneracy are not examined, when its mischief is suffered.

They think it rather the corruption and degeneracy than the sound constitution of a republic.

"I don't think it's a sign of degeneracy," the lady remarked.

Word Origin & History of - degeneracy

    Word Origin & History

    degeneracy 1660s, from degenerate (q.v.).

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