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Word Example of - degeneration

Example Sentences for degeneration

It has made me a firm believer in the degeneration of the race.

Mild forms of these types of degeneration are very abundant.

Here stagnation and degeneration mean, as a rule, extinction.

There are yet other evidences of degeneration; witness the eroticism that is to be found in our literature.

The result may be described by saying that we have instead of a legitimate development a degeneration of society.

The Mortification of a member, again, is based on the Law of Degeneration.

The phenomena observed in the stunting, or degeneration, of parts rendered useless, point to the same conclusion.

Illness, accident, and repeated failure are all causes of degeneration.

Later the other nerve-cords degenerated, for such a degeneration of nerve-cords is not at all impossible or improbable.

In both sexes there is a tendency to neurosis and degeneration.

Word Origin & History of - degeneration

    Word Origin & History

    degeneration c.1600, from Fr. dégéneration (15c.), noun of action from L. degenerare (see degenerate).

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