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Word Example of - depression

Example Sentences for depression

On the nervous system it acts as a pleasant stimulant and restorative, its moderate use not being followed by depression.

Depression had promptly followed the excitement that had spurred him into this venture.

Not before in many years had I felt such a depression of the spirits.

She stared gloomily about her, struggling to recollect the cause of her depression.

The desolation of the place increased the depression of his spirits.

On the way to Rosek's rooms, she disguised from Fiorsen her headache and depression.

Their enjoyment of power had made them soften some of the prejudices learnt in days of depression.

Then, too, many diseases are mere results of mental disturbance or depression.

The depression in the tray is made in the same way as described before in making the small square tray.

By this time the youth had forgotten his depression, his homesickness of the morning.

Word Origin & History of - depression

    Word Origin & History

    depression late 14c. as a term in astronomy, from L. depressionem, noun of action from deprimere "to press down, depress" (see depress). Attested from 1650s in the literal sense; meaning "dejection, depression of spirits" is from 1660s (as a clinical term in psychology, from 1905); meteorological sense is from 1881 (in reference to barometric pressure); meaning "a lowering or reduction in economic activity" was in use by 1826; given a specific application (with capital D-) by 1934 to the one that began worldwide in 1929.

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