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Word Example of - descent

Example Sentences for descent

The descent was continued, seeming to Saxe almost interminable.

In his descent Dick made what might well be termed a miraculous escape.

At the bottom of the descent before them was a lodge, to which they now descended.

Clinton's descent had been cleverly managed, out of Washington's sight.

Although a Roman by descent, I advocate not Roman intolerance.

There was a man of the name of Octavius, suspected to be of African descent.

His father, Otto Brah, traced his descent from a Swedish family of noble birth.

But this also is what we should expect on the theory of descent.

This inferiority of some to others is sufficiently accounted for in the history of the origin and descent of these fables.

The ladder was taken away, which was our only means of descent.

Word Origin & History of - descent

    Word Origin & History

    descent c.1300, from Fr. descente, from L. descendre (see descend) on model of attente, vente (the etymological English word from L. would be *descence). Figurative use is from late 14c. Meaning "action of descending," also "a downward slope" is from 1590s. Meaning "act of descending from an ancestor" is from mid-14c. Evolutionary sense is from 1859 in Darwin, though there are uses which suggest essentially the same thing going back to 1630s.

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