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Similar Words: discountinuous, discountings, discounting, discounters, discounter, discountenancings, discountenancing, discountenances, discountenancer

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Word Example of - discount

Example Sentences for discount

With this just estimate of himself—and with the promise of a discount on Thompson's car—he returned to his office in triumph.

With this discount the charge against Chinese ignorance may be passed.

We must discount by recorded facts the impression which might prim facie be left by these sweeping denunciations.

Relics are certainly at a discount, even among the Catholics.

The paper of the Bank of Kentucky was at a discount, and there was no hope of its improving.

The "1880" Lace Cutter by mail for 50 cts.; discount to the trade.

They are liable for approving the discount of notes known to be worthless or of so doubtful value as to be obviously unsafe.

I will discount your note for ten thousand dollars for three years at that rate.

Police, however, discount this idea, as there was a roll of wire only a few feet from the body.

Social reformers are not in request there, however, and morality is at a discount.

Word Origin & History of - discount

    Word Origin & History

    discount 1620s, alteration of Fr. décompte, from O.Fr. descont, from desconter "count out" (13c.), from des- "away" + conter "to count" (see count (v.)). Related: Discounted.


The Definition of - discount (noun)

    verb (used with object)
    to deduct a certain amount from (a bill, charge, etc.):
    All bills that are paid promptly will be discounted at two percent.
    to offer for sale or sell at a reduced price:
    The store discounted all clothing for the sale.
    to advance or lend money with deduction of interest on (commercial paper not immediately payable).
    to purchase or sell (a bill or note) before maturity at a reduction based on the interest for the time it still has to run.
    to leave out of account; disregard:
    Even if we discount the irrelevant material, the thesis remains mediocre.
    to allow for exaggeration in (a statement, opinion, etc.):
    Knowing his political bias they discounted most of his story.
    to take into account in advance, often so as to diminish the effect of:
    They had discounted the effect of a decline in the stock market.
    verb (used without object)
    to advance or lend money after deduction of interest.
    to offer goods or services at a reduced price.
    the act or an instance of discounting.
    an amount deducted from the usual list price.
    any deduction from the nominal value.
    a payment of interest in advance upon a loan of money.
    the amount of interest obtained by one who discounts.
    an allowance made for exaggeration or bias, as in a report, story, etc.:
    Even after all the discounts are taken, his story sounds phony.
    selling or offered at less than the usual or established price:
    discount theater tickets.
    selling goods at a discount:
    a discount drugstore.
    at a discount,
    1. Commerce. below par.
    2. below the usual list price.
    3. in low esteem or regard:
      His excuses were taken at a discount by all who knew him.
    4. not in demand; unwanted:
      Such ancient superstitions are at a discount in a civilized society.