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Word Example of - dove

Example Sentences for dove

For Captain Dove had trained her to all the responsibilities of the sea.

Never tell a man anything, my dove, if thou wouldst have him do it.

I thought of her as of a dove, which a falcon had swept away.

But the Frogman had eaten the zosozo and it had made him fully as strong as Ugu the Dove.

It seemed fit for a queen, yet was plain and quiet enough on the outside for a dove to carry.

She trembled in his manly embrace, as the dove trembles in the talons of the eagle.

And you will come—mild as a dove seeking shelter, although you now would fly above the clouds like a wild falcon.

The dove went forth to and fro, but found no resting-place and returned.

At this, he dove down the companionway again, with his marines after him.

But though a dove indeed, it was no bird of mine—it knew me not.

Word Origin & History of - dove

    Word Origin & History

    dove probably from O.E. dufe- (found only in compounds), from P.Gmc. *dubon, perhaps related to words for "dive," from its flight. Originally applied to all pigeons, now mostly restricted to the turtle dove. A symbol of gentleness from early Christian times, also of the Holy Spirit (cf. Gen. viii.8-12); political meaning "person who advocates peace" first attested 1962, during Cuban Missile Crisis.

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