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Similar Words: drownproofing, drownings, drowningly, drowning, drowners, drowner, drowned valleys, drowned valley, drowned out

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Word Example of - drown

Example Sentences for drown

The nickerman is so powerful that, if once he gets you, he can drown you in a teaspoon of water!

The girl scarcely knew whether it were best to hold on or to drown.

They have scuttled the boat, Hugh, and mean to drown us like rats; the cowards.

“The fellows will drown themselves if they attempt to land there,” said Jack.

And will she cry, do you think—for we have no pipes to drown her screams?

He began shouting at the top of his voice to drown the throbbing in his head.

The fierce thrill of fighting might 80 help to drown the memory of Barbara—for a time.

Surely you're not afraid your children will drown in my care?

No, mamma, I wished to drown myself, because the others had beaten me —had beaten me—because I have no papa.

But despair seems to cure the poet rather than drown his faith in hopelessness.

Word Origin & History of - drown

    Word Origin & History

    drown c.1300, perhaps from O.E. druncnian "be swallowed up by water" (originally of ships as well as living things), from base of drincan "to drink." Modern form is from northern England dialect, probably influenced by O.N. drukna "be drowned." Related: Drowned; drowning.

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The Definition of - drown (verb)

    verb (used without object)
    to die under water or other liquid of suffocation.
    verb (used with object)
    to kill by submerging under water or other liquid.
    to destroy or get rid of by, or as if by, immersion:
    He drowned his sorrows in drink.
    to flood or inundate.
    to overwhelm so as to render inaudible, as by a louder sound (often followed by out).
    to add too much water or liquid to (a drink, food, or the like).
    to slake (lime) by covering with water and letting stand.
    Verb phrases
    drown in,
    1. to be overwhelmed by:
      The company is drowning in bad debts.
    2. to be covered with or enveloped in:
      The old movie star was drowning in mink.