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Word Example of - drum

Example Sentences for drum

When it entered, the drum beat a Saracen rhythm and there was music again.

Their piercing war-whoops were blended with the loud beatings of a kind of drum which they had fabricated.

In the confusion a dog scampers into the midst and barks furiously at the drum.

Again the drum rattled, and the boys made their way to the several armories.

The Castle head vanished, and the sounds of the drum and bugle of the tattoo came down muffled, as if through layers of wool.

He dared not ask his uncle for leave to go into the choir-room, and he had no drum in the house.

As soon as he heard it, he would scamper in the direction of it, and then pause to drum again.

The drum consists of a cubical box with rounded corners and edges.

The large circular depression behind and below the eye is the drum of the Frog's ear.

From behind the doors, I could hear the drum of distant sounds.

Word Origin & History of - drum

    Word Origin & History

    drum early 15c., from M.Du. tromme "drum," probably of imitative origin. Not common before 1570s. To drum up (business, etc.) is Amer.Eng. 1839, from the old way of drawing a crowd.

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