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Word Example of - eagle

Example Sentences for eagle

The falcon, as well as the eagle, was a "fire-bringer or lightning-bird."

It would be a small gain to them to fly like birds,—to see like the eagle itself.

A great many people have never heard the scream of an eagle.

"My share, my share, give me my share," the eagle screamed at him.

Eagle was French, and professed to be a refugee, a person of interest to foreign monarchs.

Taking up the spit on which the meat had been cooked, he struck at the eagle.

The longevity of the Eagle is very great, from 80 to 160 years.

Loki, who held to the spit that was fastened to the eagle's breast, was drawn up with him.

Then as an Eagle grasps the trembling Game, is wholly his own.

The eagle left Loki there and flew within a crack in the mountain.

Word Origin & History of - eagle

    Word Origin & History

    eagle mid-14c., from O.Fr. egle, from O.Prov. aigla, from L. aquila "black eagle," fem. of aquilus "dark colored" (bird). The native term was erne. Golf score sense is first recorded 1922. The figurative eagle-eyed is attested from c.1600.

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