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Word Example of - ebb

Example Sentences for ebb

Three or four days afterwards Columbine dropped down stream on the ebb.

That ever that noble passion, lust, should ebb to this degree.

He saw the poor man no more; the body was found, a fortnight after, at the ebb, on the Ploc-ard side of the head of Loch Ewe.

The movement of the vessel slackened, the tide was beginning to ebb.

The blood mounted to her face, to ebb again upon the instant, leaving it paler than it had been.

The long tide which had so steadily borne him on to fortune seemed to ebb.

Hence, also, rise and fall appertain to the tide, while flood and ebb refer to the tidal current.

It was now about half tide on the flood, and she must have grounded at about half tide on the ebb.

At one o'clock, when advanced five miles above the elbow, the ebb tide made; and the wind being unfavourable, we landed to dine.

I was going to warn you, only—the ebb has set in against the wind.

Word Origin & History of - ebb

    Word Origin & History

    ebb O.E. ebba, perhaps from P.Gmc. *abjon, from *ab-, from PIE base *apo- "off, away" (see apo-). Figurative sense of "decline, decay" is c.1400. Related: Ebbed; ebbing.

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