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Word Example of - elbow

Example Sentences for elbow

Sennacherib, who sat near Reuben in the music-gallery, nudged him with his elbow.

The latter had Barber by the front of his coat and by an elbow.

"I'm so sorry, Neale," the girl whispered, drawing nearer to his elbow.

Flitter's arm was long, especially from his elbow to his hand.

"The determination is a wise one," said a voice at Daniel's elbow.

At his elbow, in friendly proximity, was placed the lady of the house.

It was a collar and elbow hold; they tugged, strained, now pushing, now pulling.

He removed the instrument from his eye, and, seeing me at his elbow, handed it back to me.

He leaned his elbow on the table, and almost turned his back on poor Bettina.

Joe Mauser raised himself to one elbow and stared at the other.

Word Origin & History of - elbow

    Word Origin & History

    elbow O.E. elnboga, from ell "length of the forearm" + boga "bow, arch," from W.Gmc. *alinobogan, from P.Gmc. *elino-bugon, lit. "bend of the forearm." Second element related to O.E. bugan "to bend;" first element from *alina "arm," from PIE *el- "elbow, forearm" (see ell). The verb meaning "thrust with the elbow" is from 1605; fig. sense is from 1863. Phrase elbow grease "hard rubbing" is attested from 1672, from jocular sense of "the best substance for polishing furniture."

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