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Similar Words: employer-owned

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Word Example of - employer

Example Sentences for employer

She lost the train back one Sunday night and was too terrified of her employer to dare ring him up after hours.

I know my place, and I always expect to do just what my employer expects of me.

Certainly the best way to get the truth regarding the employer is to interview his wage workers.

It is a far cry from satisfying an employer to pleasing the public.

On one occasion, Cox was required by his employer to attend to his—Perkins'—garden which was overrun with weeds.

The employer buys; the employed sells; and the thing sold is labour.

It was in your power, on becoming our employer, to exploit us, as the bourgeois do.

In accordance with a rule, Jeff Poindexter waited up for his employer.

This employer naturally felt aggrieved when the cook refused to stay in her bay.

Happily, Charles remembered his employer's address, and rushed off there.

Word Origin & History of - employer

    Word Origin & History

    employer 1590s, agent noun from employ.


The Definition of - employer (noun)

    a person or business that employs one or more people, especially for wages or salary:
    a fair employer.
    a person or thing that makes use of or occupies someone or something:
    an inadequate employer of one's time.