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Word Example of - enemy

Example Sentences for enemy

The enemy barrage at the point of the wall nearest it, suddenly lifted.

There was nothing on board the Maria that could cope with the enemy's guns.

Well, I have reasons for believing that he is not so great an enemy as he appears to be.

And so the furious Ignacio was compelled to leave his enemy alone.

There was at least one enemy outpost stationed there—and possibly more.

He has long been an enemy of mine, and he is making an effort to ruin me.

This we did, leaving our search-light in position in order to deceive the enemy.

She can't be after us, for I am sure no one of the enemy knows our mission.

There is a hill half a kilometre from the Unstrut, but it is under the fire of the enemy.

The enemy could be heard retreating in disorder before them.

Word Origin & History of - enemy

    Word Origin & History of - enemy

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