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"exemplification Meaning"

What is the meaning of exemplification in English? What exemplification means? How do you use the word exemplification? What is another word for exemplification? What is the opposite of exemplification?

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Word Example of - exemplification

Example Sentences for exemplification

He himself must be an exemplification of the saving health of God's countenance if he is to do good to others.

It would be the exemplification of Carlyle's illustration of the snake.

Nor is the exemplification of this principle confined merely to Old-Testament times.

In the latter we find an exemplification of the saying, "Unity is Strength."

His patriotism was illustrated by every mode of exemplification in the service of country.

For exemplification, take you la Madame O'Brien—que magnifica!

Take a case for exemplification—one which is of the commonest occurrence.

We promised to afford him an exemplification of it this day.

No other country had been so fortunately situated for the exemplification of an unbroken and a National Church.

Now here we had an exemplification of the manners and customs of the district.

Word Origin & History of - exemplification

    Word Origin & History

    exemplification early 15c., from Anglo-Fr. exemplification, from M.L. exemplificationem, noun of action from exemplificare (see exemplify).

The Definition of - exemplification (noun)

    the act of exemplifying.
    something that exemplifies; an illustration or example.
    Law. an attested copy of a document, under official seal.