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"exploration Meaning"

What is the meaning of exploration in English? What exploration means? How do you use the word exploration? What is another word for exploration? What is the opposite of exploration?

Similar Words: explorationists, explorationist, explorational

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Word Example of - exploration

Example Sentences for exploration

When the lights of Malton glimmer in the valley this day of exploration is at an end, and much of the Wold country has been seen.

They returned to the oasis satisfied with their exploration.

He rode through the coulee without seeing a single cow and an exploration lasting over an hour resulted no better.

And with it must be going a thousand wild schemes by trading adventurers for exploration!

Soon after this exploration it was settled that here Saint Francis should have his mission.

It remained for Mr. Lance Harriott to complete its exploration.

So the Greenwich observatory was not used on the line of exploration suggested by Hussey.

Columbus may have been original in his ideas, but it was the Northmen who led in exploration.

The expedition, or rather mission, under Colonel Younghusband in 1904 brings to an end our history of the exploration of Tibet.

Its practical bearing on exploration is obvious (see p. 325).

Word Origin & History of - exploration

    Word Origin & History

    exploration 1540s, from M.Fr. exploration and directly from L. explorationem (nom. exploratio), from explorare (see explore).

The Definition of - exploration (noun)

    an act or instance of exploring or investigating; examination.
    the investigation of unknown regions.