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Word Example of - eye

Example Sentences for eye

Her tone was quite serious, but there was an odd expression in her eye.

"I wanted you to keep an eye on Sara, the days I am away," said Pen.

Her eye never left his and he wavered at the thought of following her.

And I says, I'm his friend for life and I'll just keep an eye on the pikers who are trying to do him.

So Calvin's eye saw in an instant, and he applauded Beza's boldness.

And there was a gleam of vengeance in the cadet's eye as he went to the gun again.

I can hear it in the tone of his voice, and see it in his eye.

Her eye caught the pretty new little volume which lay there.

The editor's eye glanced at the second right-hand drawer of his desk.

She was examining Clarence with the eye of a practised dogwoman.

Word Origin & History of - eye

    Word Origin & History

    eye O.E. ege (Mercian), eage (W. Saxon), from P.Gmc. *augon, from PIE *oqw- "to see" (cf. Skt. akshi "the eye, the number two," Gk. opsis "a sight," Goth. augo, O.C.S. oko, Lith. akis, L. oculus, Armenian aku). Until late 14c. the plural was in -an, hence modern dial. plural een, ene. The verb is first recorded 1560s. Related: Eyed; eyeing. The eye of a needle was in O.E.; to see eye to eye is from Isa. lii.8. Eye contact attested by 1965. Eye-opener "anything that informs and enlightens" is from 1863. Have an eye on "keep under supervision" is attested from early 15c.

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