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Word Example of - eyeball

Example Sentences for eyeball

Severe injuries to the eyeball are liable to be followed by sympathetic inflammation in the sound eye.

She done 'low to me she would n't wink her eyeball while I was gone.

The name of one of these gods was Kaonohiokala, which means the eyeball of the sun; and the name of the other was Kuahairo.

The eyeball was suppurating, and the temperature rose to 99° at night.

But there the removal of the eyeball gave way, in later times, to the drawing of a red-hot sword blade across the eyeball.

Experimentally the eyeball can be made to burst by tying all the venous outlets from it.

As the lion when age dims his eyeball, the rose at her height, So with man—so his power and his beauty forever take flight.

The tension of the eyeball rose to 60 mm., that of the fellow eye being 20 mm.

Accordingly she shifted her own eyes from one eyeball to the other in the man's face.

When the eyeball is cut or pierced, if the cut be deep or large, a surgeon must deal with it.

Word Origin & History of - eyeball

    Word Origin & History

    eyeball 1580s, n., from eye + ball (1). As a verb, 1901, Amer.Eng.

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