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Word Example of - eyebrow

Example Sentences for eyebrow

His upper lip, arched like an eyebrow, curved upwards to his nostrils and his lower hung down like a camel's.

The mother's eyebrow and grayish-blue eye, those I knew I had.

Also she'd learned how to use a lip-stick and an eyebrow pencil.

The tutor looked up, and his eyebrow twitched uncomfortably.

She had her mother's red hair and brilliantly white skin, her large eyes, and the same delicate, long line of eyebrow.

Doctor taps Mr. Dibble on the eyebrow with his forefinger, and away they go.

Soongoora gave Simba a signal with his eyebrow, to the effect that this was the promised feast, and that he would wait outside.

Let her give the word, lift an eyebrow, and I take her across the world.

The girl lifted it up to her face, and gently and repeatedly rubbed her eyebrow.

Hwang said nothing, but he cocked an eyebrow at an almost treasonable angle.

Word Origin & History of - eyebrow

    Word Origin & History

    eyebrow 1580s, from eye + brow (O.E. eagbræw meant "eyelid").

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