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Word Example of - fatality

Example Sentences for fatality

It points either to the fact of more careful returns having been made, or to an actual increase in the fatality of the disorder.

It minimizes the evil and fatality of war, in which every life and every wound must be paid for.

It had a quality of sober and buoyant alertness and fatality of determination rather than rigid confidence.

Stocks had declined for two weeks with appalling swiftness and fatality.

It has happened to us by a kind of fatality, that in all important wars we have been victorious, after having been defeated.

I do not know by what fatality we came to speak of marriage.

For, as the most vigilant watchmen of their day, the prophets observed the rise of that empire, and felt its fatality for Israel.

What the annual fatality is throughout Europe I have no means of knowing.

It is our habit, in the case of the bees no less than our own, to regard as fatality all that we do not as yet understand.

There appeared almost a fatality about my hearing this bird.

Word Origin & History of - fatality

    Word Origin & History

    fatality late 15c., "quality of causing death," from Fr. fatalité, from L.L. fatalitatem, from fatalis (see fatal). Senses in 16c.-17c. included "determined by fate" and "a destiny." Meaning "an occurrence resulting in widespread death" is from 1840. Related: Fatalities.

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