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Similar Words: features, featurely, featureliness, featurelessness, featureless minds, featureless mind, featureless, featurelength films, featurelength film

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Word Example of - feature

Example Sentences for feature

A feature of this farm, as of all others, was the enormous barn.

It is a feature of our democratic form of government—thanks be!

Now we come to the excessive urinary discharge which is so strong a feature of this disease.

He reads it in her eyes, her voice, in the exultation visible in every feature.

Before me stood a young man with deep blue eyes, blond hair, exquisite daintiness of feature and unnaturally pale complexion.

Feature after feature flashed up an unmistakable resemblance.

These country markets are a feature of Morocco, and, I think, of almost every Arab country.

Is not clothedness a distinct type and feature of our Christian faith?

It was a feature of this period that the inspectors were in close personal contact with the president.

Poor old chap been knocked about so he hadn't a feature left, eh?

Word Origin & History of - feature

    Word Origin & History

    feature early 14c., from Anglo-Fr. feture, from O.Fr. faiture "fashion, shape, form," from L. factura "a formation, a working," from pp. stem of facere "make, do, perform" (see factitious). Sense of "facial characteristic" is mid-14c.; that of "any distinctive part" first recorded 1690s. The verb sense of "make special display or attraction of" is 1888. Related: Featured; features; featuring.


The Definition of - feature (noun)

    a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic:
    Tall buildings were a new feature on the skyline.
    something offered as a special attraction:
    This model has several added features.
    Also called feature film. the main motion picture in a movie program:
    What time is the feature?
    any part of the face, as the nose, chin, or eyes:
    prominent features.
    features, the face; countenance:
    to compose one's features for the photographers.
    the form or cast of the face:
    delicate of feature.
    a column, cartoon, etc., appearing regularly in a newspaper or magazine.
    Archaic. make, form, or shape.
    verb (used with object), featured, featuring.
    to be a feature or distinctive mark of:
    It was industrial expansion that featured the last century.
    to make a feature of; give prominence to:
    to feature a story or picture in a newspaper.
    to delineate the main characteristics of; depict; outline.
    Informal. to conceive of; imagine; fancy:
    He couldn't quite feature himself as a bank president.
    Older Use. to resemble in features; favor.
    verb (used without object), featured, featuring.
    to play a major part.