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Word Example of - flute

Example Sentences for flute

Under the spreading pine-tree, emblem of longevity, sits Han Chung-le, listening to the music of the flute.

I suppose we must have you, Smithson—one flute will be enough.

He heard her go singing through the garden, a soft chant d'amour that would have gone wondrously to flute and cithern.

Ma'am, if you never do, at least remember that the flute was an ocarina.

While their flocks pastured they played the flute, singing songs of love or of the prowess of their ancestors.

Contrariwise, the flute was being played more and more slowly.

"Yes," she said, breathing forth the syllable like the most mellifluous note that Tulou's flute had ever sighed.

I seed that he wasn't thinkin' about the flute—that he was broodin'.

He also had lessons in the vestry room of the Octagon Chapel; and he acquired some skill upon the flute and oboe from Mr. Fish.

Oh, shes a dear, answered Miss Farnsworth, in a voice as sweet as a flute.

Word Origin & History of - flute

    Word Origin & History

    flute late 14c., from O.Fr. flaute, from O.Prov. flaut, of uncertain origin, perhaps imitative or from L. flare "to blow;" perhaps influenced by Prov. laut "lute." The other Germanic words (cf. Ger. flöte) are likewise borrowings from French. Ancient flutes were blown through a mouthpiece, like a recorder; the modern transverse or German flute developed 18c. The modern design and key system of the concert flute were perfected 1834 by Theobald Boehm. The architectural sense of "furrow in a pillar" (1650s) is from fancied resemblance to the inside of a flute split down the middle. Meaning "tall, ...slender wine glass" is from 1640s. The verb is recorded from late 14c. in sense "to play upon the flute;" meaning "to make (architectural) flutes" is from 1570s. Related: Fluted; fluting.

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