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Word Example of - foot

Example Sentences for foot

They were now descending a little hill at the foot of which stood a country tavern.

The abrupt fall was not more than a foot now, and I had strong hopes that we could overcome it.

When Dicksie came down, Marion stood at the foot of the stairs.

The Strawberry, who had been examining the ground, said, “Here is her foot again.”

Mackinaw is at the head of Lake Michigan—Chicago, at the foot.

There is not a foot of the rocky shore smooth enough to beach him on.

Duffield got back his foot, and Hooker got his arm once more over the door.

"I won't hear it, Paul," she cried vehemently, with a stamp of her foot.

It fell a foot or so to one side of the boatport instead of inside.

Loki nudged him and pressed his foot, but he did not heed Loki.

Word Origin & History of - foot

    Word Origin & History of - foot

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