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Word Example of - forehead

Example Sentences for forehead

“But it is a mistake,” cried Don Cornelio, rubbing the cold sweat from his forehead.

As she thus resolved, she bent down, and kissed her forehead.

He fell with such violence on his forehead that he was taken up insensible.

"This is against the law," whined the man, beads of sweat standing on his forehead.

Her forehead was creased by a bullet, an' the trip has about finished her.

It struck the Giant full on the forehead and fell down on the floor in pieces.

They were eyes that pierced his forehead, that laid bare his thoughts.

It struck the Giant on the forehead and went blazing through him.

And Armstrong read, his forehead slowly grooving into something very like a frown.

The head is erect, and the forehead encircled by a fillet, much carved.

Word Origin & History of - forehead

    Word Origin & History

    forehead O.E. forheafod, from for(e)- + heafod (see head).

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