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Similar Words: freights, freightment, freightliners, freightliner, freightless, freightings, freighting, freighters, freighter

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Word Example of - freight

Example Sentences for freight

Where is there in our neighborhood a freight railroad station?

It is dumped into freight cars and trundled off to the smelting furnaces.

One of the commonest petty complaints is of misrouting of freight.

I just met him walking over the bridge after the freight had gone through.

When they got to the freight office they found that the cradle, in which the Dartaway was to be shipped, had arrived.

When Andrews reached the place, he found that the freight had not arrived.

The movement of freight rates has been elsewhere described in detail.

When the freight arrived, he saw that it carried a red flag.

The seething human hive—the fellows piling in the freight to the music of their songs—the fiery mouth of Vesuvius up above.

"I shall send him on by freight," said Lorraine, trying to smile.

Word Origin & History of - freight

    Word Origin & History

    freight early 13c., from M.Du. or M.L.G. vracht, vrecht, originally "cost of transport," probably from O.Fris., from P.Gmc. *fra-aihtiz "absolute possession, property," from *fra-, intensive prefix + *aik "to be master of, possess."


The Definition of - freight (noun)

    goods, cargo, or lading transported for pay, whether by water, land, or air.
    the ordinary conveyance or means of transport of goods provided by common carriers (distinguished from express):
    Shipping by freight is less expensive.
    the charges, fee, or compensation paid for such transportation:
    We pay the freight.
    (especially in Britain) the cargo, or any part of the cargo, of a vessel; merchandise transported by water.
    Chiefly British. transportation of goods by water.
    Slang. cost or price, especially when high:
    I'd like a larger house, but can't afford the freight.
    verb (used with object)
    to load; burden:
    a story heavily freighted with private meaning.
    to load with goods or merchandise for transportation:
    It took all night to freight the ship.
    to transport as freight; send by freight.