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Similar Words: frostbiter,

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Word Example of - frostbite

Example Sentences for frostbite

Pymia and frostbite were the other chief causes of mortality.

Except for a touch of frostbite on his toes and fingers, Barrent was all right.

The winter life of 1915-16 was one of mud and frostbite in the line, and taverns and songs when out.

Some typical cases of frostbite were grotesque in their ghastliness.

At this altitude, this was dangerous, although we were not yet high enough to worry about frostbite.

They had not been able to frostbite her yet because she had been too young; but they would get her presently.

No frostbite now—I haven't told you about that, because it is too dreadful for me to tell or for you to hear—but no less sickness.

She furnished Ida with a fur coat and gloves that secured her from frostbite.

On account of its affinity for the fire it is invoked by the doctor in all “fire diseases,” including sore eyes and frostbite.

Faces are however whipped clean by the drifting snow, but at the same time are generally swollen or sore from frostbite.

Word Origin & History of - frostbite

    Word Origin & History

    frostbite 1813, from frost + bite.

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The Definition of - frostbite (adj)

    injury to any part of the body after excessive exposure to extreme cold, sometimes progressing from initial redness and tingling to gangrene.
    verb (used with object), frostbit, frostbitten, frostbiting.
    to injure by frost or extreme cold.