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Similar Words: fuels, fuelling, fuellers, fueller, fuelled, fuelizer, fueling, fuelers, fueler

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Word Example of - fuel

Example Sentences for fuel

There was no fear of their running short in the staple article of fuel.

There is scarce any wood; but all classes are content with dung for fuel.

Some of the hills are covered with dwarf shrubs, which may be used as fuel.

Of course, Judge, there are detailed clauses as to normal use of fuel.

It is extensively cut for fuel, and it burns about like eastern white oak, but leaves more ashes.

Salads are prepared with little trouble and with no expense for fuel.

The smell of their food, which they cook by the fire made of a fuel called tezek (cattle dung), is especially loathsome.

All he wanted was a further supply of water, fuel, and provisions.

But the shelling and preparation are laborious, and in some instances it was found better to burn it for fuel than to sell it.

The fuel cache was under a big spruce, about twenty yards from the door.

Word Origin & History of - fuel

    Word Origin & History

    fuel c.1300, from O.Fr. feuaile "bundle of firewood," from M.L. legal term *focalia "right to demand material for making fire," neut. pl. of L. focus "hearth." As a verb from 1590s. Related: Fueled; fueling.


The Definition of - fuel (noun)

    combustible matter used to maintain fire, as coal, wood, oil, or gas, in order to create heat or power.
    something that gives nourishment; food.
    an energy source for engines, power plants, or reactors:
    Kerosene is used as jet engine fuel.
    something that sustains or encourages; stimulant:
    Our discussion provided him with fuel for debate.
    verb (used with object), fueled, fueling or (especially British) fuelled, fuelling.
    to supply with fuel.
    verb (used without object), fueled, fueling or (especially British) fuelled, fuelling.
    to obtain or replenish fuel.