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Word Example of - glove

Example Sentences for glove

I saw also a large diamond on her bracelet, and one on her finger, where her glove was cut.

She's hand in glove with the police and maybe she's working with her father.

Outside the glove of the left hand she wore a bracelet; every time she stirred the stones struck fire in the semi-darkness.

"There's nothing here," said Stafford again, and threw the glove back on the table.

Cumberland was greatly esteemed by Queen Elizabeth, and always wore in his hat a glove which she had given him.

I pressed the glove to my face, delighting in its imagined likeness to myself.

A woman's hand, in a glove, must be about as thrilling to kiss as a mare's hoof.

He gesticulated with his left hand, freed from the pressure of the glove.

This is what the glove thought, or what it might have thought.

Her eyes lifted suddenly from her glove, and looked straight into his.

Word Origin & History of - glove

    Word Origin & History

    glove O.E. glof "covering for the hand," also "palm of the hand," from P.Gmc. *galofo (cf. O.N. glofi), probably from *ga- collective prefix + *lofi "hand" (cf. O.N. lofi, M.E. love, Goth. lofa "flat of the hand"). Ger. Handschuh, the usual word for "glove," lit. "hand-shoe" (O.H.G. hantscuoh; also Dan., Swed. hantsche) is represented by O.E. Handscio, but this is only attested as a proper name. To fit like a glove is first recorded 1771.

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