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Word Example of - gown

Example Sentences for gown

"I spoke of the gown," said Young Islay (and he had not yet seen it, it might have been red or blue for all he could tell).

His clothes were bad, but in his cap and gown he was fair indeed.

As I stood by his bed the next day, I was wondering if he had not seen his mother's texts, as well as the bit of her gown.

The plainest burgher of them, in his cap and gown, had a taste in the matter!

I should not think Mrs. Livingston would permit her to parade about in that gown.

He might have taken the candle and burnt her gown off her back.

I wore my aunt's gown and handkerchief, and my hair was at least tidy, which was all my ambition.

He would send her a black barege, twelve yards, just enough to make a gown.

In 1815 his wife was burned to death, the laces of her gown having taken fire.

Once, on a drunken spree, he let a layman wear his gown and rosary.

Word Origin & History of - gown

    Word Origin & History

    gown c.1300, from O.Fr. goune, from L.L. gunna "leather garment, skin, hide," of unknown origin. Used by St. Boniface (8c.) for a fur garment permitted for old or infirm monks. Klein writes it is probably "a word adopted from a language of the Apennine or the Balkan Peninsula." OED points to Byzantine Gk. gouna, a word for a coarse garment sometimes made of skins. In 18c., gown was the common word for what is now usually styled a dress. It was maintained more in Amer.Eng. than in Britain, but was somewhat revived 20c. in fashion senses and in comb. forms (e.g. bridal gown, nightgown). Meaning "flowing ...robe worn as a badge of office or authority" is from late 14c., on image of the Roman toga. As collective singular for "residents of a university" (1650s) it is now usually opposed to town.

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