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Similar Words: guarantees, guaranteers, guaranteer, guaranteeing, guaranteed, guarantee company

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Word Example of - guarantee

Example Sentences for guarantee

To you—you alone—I will give every guarantee that a man may give of his honor and honesty.

Only by exacting strict obedience could he guarantee a successful issue.

Its guarantee is the laws of the universe—and these are "the Hands of the Living God."

But what guarantee was there for the sincerity of the Court?

I professed every satisfaction with this guarantee, and took my leave.

On your promise to do this, I will guarantee the public peace.

You, in return, guarantee to protect the families and property of all these gentlemen who ride with me.

On the strength of my guarantee the sinking of the well was abandoned.

I guarantee you that over 90% of the votes will want your answers to their personal questions.

Some companies will even give a bond to guarantee their work.

Word Origin & History of - guarantee

    Word Origin & History

    guarantee 1679, perhaps via Sp. garante, from O.Fr. guarantie, pp. of fem. guarantir "to protect," from guarant "warrant," from Frank. *warjand-s, from P.Gmc. *war-, from PIE base *wer- "to cover" (see warrant). For form evolution, see gu-. Originally "person giving something as security," sense of the "pledge" itself (which is properly a guarranty) first recorded 1786. The verb is attested from 1791.


The Definition of - guarantee (noun)

    a promise or assurance, especially one in writing, that something is of specified quality, content, benefit, etc., or that it will perform satisfactorily for a given length of time:
    a money-back guarantee.
    an assurance that another’s obligation will be fulfilled, or something presented as such security; guaranty (defs 1, 2).
    something that assures a particular outcome or condition:
    Wealth is no guarantee of happiness.
    a person who gives a guarantee or guaranty; guarantor.
    a person to whom a guarantee is made.
    verb (used with object), guaranteed, guaranteeing.
    to secure, as by giving or taking security:
    A credit card guarantees your reservation at the hotel.
    to make oneself answerable for (something) on behalf of someone else who is primarily responsible:
    to guarantee the fulfillment of a contract.
    to undertake to ensure for another, as rights or possessions:
    The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.
    to serve as a warrant or guaranty for.
    to undertake to protect or indemnify:
    to guarantee a person against loss.
    to undertake (to do something):
    I will guarantee to prove every word I stated.
    to promise (usually followed by a clause as object):
    I guarantee that I'll be there.