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Word Example of - gum

Example Sentences for gum

Selling four sticks of gum and three packages of cigarettes a day.

Not far off also were some gum-trees, from which he gathered a handful or two of gum.

But the motion of the sea washes up pieces of the gum, which is of light weight.

It came away in Beatrice's hands when she pulled it, as if it had been fixed there by gum.

The gum prevents the colour shifting during the immersion, but does not prevent the glaze adhering.

A very little time will suffice to do this should the gum be strong.

The temperature must be regulated by the same circumstances; for starch or flour paste a much warmer bath is needed than for gum.

From this source the "Canada Balsam" gum of commerce is taken.

We have determined the rotatory power of a number of gum solutions, the results of which are subjoined.

Gum copal and wax was the stuff he had to extract from the people round about.

Word Origin & History of - gum

    Word Origin & History

    gum "resin," c.1300, from O.Fr. gomme, from L.L. gumma, from L. gummi, from Gk. kommi "gum," from Egyptian kemai. The verb, in the transferred fig. sense of "spoil, ruin" (usually with up) is first recorded 1901, probably from the notion of machinery becoming clogged. As a shortened form of chewing gum, first attested 1842 in Amer.Eng.; gumshoe "plainclothes detective" is from 1906, from the rubber-soled shoes they wore (which were so called from 1863). Gum-tree (1676) was so called for the resin it exudes.

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