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Word Example of - hair

Example Sentences for hair

I remember distinctly the pose of the head, the unusual arrangement of the hair.

Pen smiled and disengaged one hand to smooth his hair again.

It builds a cosey little nest out of moss and wool and hair.

Clif thought that his hair would turn white from the suspense.

And, turning to the glass, she went on twisting and coiling up her hair.

He was bald, and his hair and whiskers were sprinkled with gray.

It almost collected like a wig, but the hair was in truth her own.

A tuft of hair stood up on his crown like the crest on a game-cock.

And she made a movement, as if to bind back her hair, that she might hasten away.

But the hair was of a golden color, and fashionably dressed.

Word Origin & History of - hair

    Word Origin & History of - hair

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